Why Fit

Youth need to be physically active and lead healthy lifestyles in order to develop a high quality of life as adults.

Recent studies demonstrate that higher physical activity levels in youth yield better:

Cardiovascular health

(e.g. maximal oxygen uptake, reduced arterial stiffness)

Bone health

(e.g. increased bone strength and density)

Indices of obesity

(e.g. body mass index, fat mass, waist circumference)

Cognitive development and brain health

(e.g. executive functioning, white matter microstructure)

Academic achievement

(e.g. mathematics, overall grade point average)

Quality of life

(e.g. physical, social and emotional functioning).*

According to Health Canada

Photo of youth smiling outside

Kid's require a minimum of

Per Day
0 min

of moderate to vigorous physical activity

Only 39% of youth aged 5-17 meet the recommended guidelines, with boys (52%) being much more likely than girls (26%)*

*Source: ParticiipACTION Report Card CANADA, 2020


We made a space just for them.

Youth deserve a space to stay active and healthy in a way that’s tailored to their unique needs. It’s time to give them a space to help them thrive physically & mentally.


  • who have the ability to build their fitness, strength, knowledge & confidence.
  • who can learn the importance & benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and actually build the capability to LIVE it.
  • who want access to a fun, supportive, inclusive, & inspirational environment that’s just for them.

Some Youth Love sports, some don't

Even if your Youth doesn’t aspire to enhance their athletic performance in a specialized sports activity, they’ll gain important experience with Fit Foundation. Most individuals don’t grow up and continue to play sports throughout their adult lives – that’s why it’s vital that we help all youth learn about the fundamentals of living a fit and healthy life in a gym environment – build a Fit Foundation for Living – that will support them as they grow into strong, active, healthy & fit adults.