Yes! We want all kids to be able to access our gym, so we’ve made sure our membership price is significantly less than any other Youth oriented activity / programming available. Regular price is $89.99/month (other payment frequency options available) and members can book up to 4 workouts / week to promote balance and sustainability in living a healthy lifestyle… That equates to less than $6 per workout!!

We leverage the most up-to-date scientific learning & knowledge available in youth-oriented Fitness to ensure the safety of our members, and to build lasting, positive relationships with fitness & wellness. We also access the support of a cast of Calgary-based Health, Nutritional & Fitness experts to continuously refine our program content.

Besides ensuring a fun & engaging workout, Fit Foundation’s goal is to equip our members with solid foundational knowledge and experience in a gym environment so that they can make a smooth & confident transition into a healthy lifestyle as an adult. Many adults are intimidated by gym environments – our programming will establish the capability necessary to navigate any gym.

Our high-energy workouts are purposely offered with flexibility in mind… We want our members to be able to fit a workout into their already busy schedules, so sessions are available to be booked online 48 hours in advance of each scheduled session. We also promote balance in fitness to ensure sustainability, so members can attend any 4 sessions that fit the family schedule, per week.

All workouts are structured to include Cardio, Flexibility, Strength and practical applications of the Foundational Elements of Fitness. We also incorporate general health, mindfulness, wellbeing & nutritional content. It’s a lot of meaningful & engaging content packed into 60 minutes!

Ideally, we want to encourage Youth to make fitness a regular and consistent part of their lives and the best and most cost-efficient way to do that is through a membership; that said, Fit Foundation does offer one-off drop-in rates.

Give us a call, we’d love to chat about your youth, their fitness goals and help to plan out their fitness journey!