Fit Membership

Our Club is a supportive and positive environment where members are encouraged to push themselves and celebrate their progress, building confidence and fostering growth in every session.

All our workouts are built on the primary elements of fitness:


Developed by utilizing muscle fibers to perform an activity – it strengthens the muscles and provides our bodies with a more solid muscular platform for activity.


Developed during aerobic activity; muscles moving, heart beats faster to pump oxygen to muscles, heavier breathing to take in more oxygen – strengthens heart, lungs & improves body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all of its cells.


Developed through safely stretching to allow muscles and joints to bend and move through their full range of motion.

Mindfulness and Nutrition

We also recognize the fundamental role of Mindfulness and Nutrition... At Fit Foundation, we include holistic material in each session that helps our members develop a positive relationship with their mental wellbeing and their general Health & wellness journey.


The Fit House





Our Club

Fit Foundation is 100% designed & dedicated to delivering that specific environment to our Youth Members.

Our 1-Hour workouts are offered 7 days a week at a variety of times… At our banner location, our members have access to high-energy studio space, where we use Youth-focused equipment to deliver a very engaging, educational & sweaty training session.

Our Head Coaches are Certified Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors & Canfitpro Certified Youth-Fitness Trainers, so our Members receive the best guidance and instruction currently available in Canada.

Our experienced Junior Coaches have been specifically trained in our Youth-centric Fitness curriculum, and are always within arms reach of our Members to ensure proper form & safe technique.

We are supported by a local Calgary-based cast of Health, Nutritional & Fitness professionals who offer perspective and guidance as we continuously build new and engaging workout experiences for our Members.

Included with your membership is a youth-oriented lounge space called The HUB, where our members can hang out with friends.

book classes and maximize your membership with the Fit FOUndation FITNESS app.